How to Buy

Guide for Ordering Products from Saj Sourcing Agency

Step 1:

Visit by clicking on the link.


Step 2

Search for the items you would wish to buy. Click on the categories button to browse more products or type the name of the items in the search field.

step 3

Once you have identified the product of your choice,scroll down to chose the color, size and how you would wish your order to be shipped (By SEA OR AIR) then Click ‘add to cart’ buttoncart. Repeat this step to add more items to your cart otherwise proceed to the next step. Click my cart button and select check-out option if you want to buy the item directly without visiting the cart.

Step 4

Fill in the billing form that appears. Be sure to fill the correct details witth the *.


Step 5

Click ‘place order’ button at the bottom of the billing form to make your payments via M-Pesa.


Step 6

Enter your M-Pesa phone number in the box that appears and click ‘pay now’button. A message appears requiring you to follow instructions on your phone.

Step 7

Check your phone to accept the request that requires you enter your M-Pesa pin and press OK to pay the amount needed. An M-Pesa confirmation message is sent to you shortly.


Step 8

Get back to the to the order process and complete the transaction. A message will appear indicating that the transaction was successful then followed by another one showing your order received and your order details.

Step 9.

Check your email you will get an Email showing your order details and attached with an Invoice indicated ‘Paid’.



Now relax and wait for your order to be initiated