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Saj Sourcing Agency

About Saj Sourcing Agency

Saj sourcing agency is an agency that connects all the players in the marketing chain to the manufacturers. As an agency we assist individuals, wholesalers and even retailers to locate products from major suppliers or directly from factories at very affordable prices. Engaging in our platform guarantees our clients that they will save a lot of money or in make significant profits for the sellers and wholesalers.

Saj sourcing agency can also be referred to as a procurement agency or a purchasing agency. So far the agency is reaching out across the globe, connecting large companies to get products from countries such as Vietnam, china, USA and turkey. Our mission is to make it easy for people to do business anywhere.

Saj agency deals with all kinds of products. We make sure our clients get refined and fashionable products yet within their means they won’t feel a pinch from their pockets. We take advantage of the highest quality products with the cheapest prices in the market. Currently our products come from USA, china, Vietnam, UK, Bangkok. Italy, Asia and Turkey.

China is the leading source in terms of production. It owes its production prowess from the large population and large scale manufacturing. Currently, china has a population of over 1.4 billion people. Additionally, china boasts having 3 million companies which produce an array of 8 million different kinds of products.

We pride in excellence.

Our main objective is providing the best products and services for the improvement of our lives. We believe that clients are important and that is why we work tirelessly to satisfy their needs by offering high quality services than any other sourcing company. Our team has the experience that guarantees customer satisfaction. Coupled with experience that our team has gained over a long period of time in the sourcing business, we also have a good business sense and outstanding coordination skills. Working overseas has also equipped our team with knowledge in many cultures enabling them learn multiple languages that are useful in such a business. With all the knowledge, experience and skills it is quite evident that you can trust us and we will not fail you.

One-stop sourcing.

Saj sourcing agency is probably the answer to all your needs. Whether its kitchenware or gardening tools, saj sourcing is the place to be. Saj sourcing agency deals with hundreds of products in different categories, ensuring that our clients do not have to go elsewhere to look for something else. Communication is key in our agency as we communicate with all the factories we deal with to ensure our products are of the best quality in market. We not only offer good quality but also variety of products.

For the purpose of achieving our goals, we are constantly developing new services that fit the ever changing business world. These services help businesses to maximize their potentials hence meeting their goals. Consequently as businesses success through us, we also succeed.

Most of our operations take place on our site (sajsourcingagency.com). We post products from our reliable factories and suppliers on our site where potential customers get to view them. As said earlier, our customers can buy goods for personal use or for commercial purposes. On the online website we also have indicated prices of products which do not include freight charges. You will be required to pay freight charges upon arrival of goods into Kenya.

Our clients can either place their orders on the site or privately. You can inbox us in case you want to make a private order. Goods will either arrive by air or by sea depending on their nature or customer preferences.

Lighter goods can come by air, while heavier and bulky goods come by sea. We recommend wholesalers and those buying bulky goods to use sea shipping instead of air. Nonetheless it would be cheap to use the sea which is the best way to get bulky products.

Goods coming by air usually take two weeks to arrive in the country. Upon receiving cash from us, the company takes three days to pack the required goods. It then takes a day or two to transport the goods to the shipping warehouse. The shipping company will then take another 7 days to transport the goods to Kenya. Once in Kenya the goods are taken to our store for collection unless the client prefers it to be delivered to their place which will require an extra fee for delivery.

MOQ is an acronym which stands for minimum order quantity, and refers to the minimum amount that can be ordered from a supplier. For example, if a supplier advertises a MOQ of 1,000 units, you must be able to purchase at least 1,000 units to be able to deal with that supplier.

Other Shipping Terms

While FOB is the most commonly-used shipping point, others include:

  • FAS. Free Alongside, which means that the seller must deliver goods on a ship that pulls up next to a ship of a certain name, close enough that the ship can use its lifting devices to bring it onboard.
  • FCA. Free Carrier, which means that the seller is obligated to deliver goods to an airport, shipping port, or railway terminal where the buyer has an operation and can take delivery there.
  • DES. Delivered Ex Ship, which requires the seller to deliver products to a particular shipping port, where the buyer will take delivery on arrival.
  • EXW. Ex Works, which only requires the seller to get products ready to be shipped from its location. The buyer is responsible for making any arrangements for shipment and for picking the goods up. This is very advantageous for the seller.

As a buyer who is negotiating with a seller who is a long distance from your operation, it is generally in your best interest to have the seller be responsible for delivering your shipment as close to your business as possible. Conversely, when you are selling to an overseas buyer, it is in your best interest for the buyer to become responsible as soon as it leaves your loading dock.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
shipping time 96%
communication 95%
quality 96%